12 Beautiful Fulani Braids hairstyles that will make you Unique (2024)

The world of fashion is getting more popular and each day the trend is getting different. Of all the fashions, the hairstyle is considered extremely important. But in recent years, women are getting more craze for the Fulani braids. This style is staying in the industry for years and also these kinds of styles are fun to try. So, here are the 12 timeless Fulani braids that will make you look unique and attractive.

Why Fulani Braids are so famous?

Rather than considering the Fulani braids as the trendy hairstyle, these Fulani braids are adapted from the Fulani or Fula people. Fula people are spread across the West areas and some areas in the East. The Fulani braids, also known as tribal braids, are mainly inspired by the Fula people’s culture and tradition.

Mostly, to practice the Fulani Tribal braids one needs to have long hair, and also they will be covering the hair with beads or cowrie shell accessories. This hairstyle is worn for many years, but in recent times the hairstyle got familiar.

The Fulani braids come in many different varieties, but here are the 12 unique Fulani braids which you should not miss.

12 timeless Fulani tribal braids:

1. Classic Fulani braids

This Fulani braid has been adapted from the classic Fulani style and the braid consists of two straight braids in the back. Along with this, it has an additional one that will branch out from the center. If you are looking for a Fulani braid that comes with minimal style, then you can prefer this.

2. Wrap-around Fulani braids

In this wrap-around Fulani braid, the braids will be wrapping around your head. This kind of style will be elegant and edgy. If you are trying this Fulani style, then one of the most important things to consider is that you should not have baby hairs. So, while trying the wrap-around Fulani braids, you need to be careful.

3.Curly Fulani braids

This kind of curly Fulani braid is similar to the normal Fulani Tribal braids, but in this hair, in the end, the braid will get curled. The hairstyle will give a good transition look, and it will suit everyone. If you think that you need to try some new styles of Fulani braids then go for this.

4. Braided bun Fulani braids

The braided bun Fulani Tribal braids are another kind of hairstyle that will look good on your face. In this hairstyle, all you need to do is try the voluminous top-know bun. This kind of braid will give a perfect look and also it will make your face look even more beautiful. This is one of the most unique looks in the Fulani braids.

5. Playful Fulani hoops

Most people love to prefer the playful Fulani style as it is not only easy to do but also fun to do. This will offer more comfort to you if you are new to these Fulani Tribal braids.

6. Centered Fulani braid

The centered Fulani braid is considered an elegant hairstyle and also it will help to give a gorgeous look. This centered Fulani braid will slay your look and to make it more attractive you can use beads and metallic rings.

7.Knotted braids

Knotted braids will give a stunning look and this kind of hairstyle will be unique when compared to the other braids. This knotted braid will add dimension to your look.

8.Fulani braids with an Afro

The Fulani braid with an Afro is everyone’s favorite hairstyle. If your curls are larger, then you can pair that with simple cornrow braids. If you add the accessories, then it will make you, even more, look good.

9. Baby hair Fulani

If you are having a lot of baby hairs, and couldn’t able to find the Fulani braid then this baby hair Fulani braid is the best look for you. In this hairstyle, the beautiful hair swirls and it will contour the perimeter of the braid just like a crown.

10. Asymmetrical Fulani braids

This is one of the good-looking Fulani Tribal braids and this will help you to give a bold statement. Even use your creativity to get an artful and elliptical braid.

11. Fulani bangs

Instead of putting your Fulani braid in your back, you can braid all the hairs towards the front of the head. You can adorn the braids with cowrie shells and beads.

12.Zig Zag Fulani Tribal braids

The zig-zag Fulani braids can be considered if you are looking for a classic style, and most people are obsessed with the zig-zag Fulani braids. This will be simple and also it will be unique.

Tips to consider for Fulani braids:

  • While doing Fulani Tribal braids your hair needs to be moisturized, so you can use a spray of water to keep your hair with moisture content. But make sure not to do it for a longer time
  • Most Fulani Tribal braids look comes with a lot of accessories and this will give an incredible look. But initially, if you are a fresher for the Fulani braids then you don’t have to do it, as it is not mandatory
  • Also, bright colors of hair will make the Fulani braids even more attractive. You can try the colors of your choice, but the most preferred color by the people is platinum color
  • The Fulani Tribal braid is not a protective style, so you need to rest your natural hair for two to three hours before you go for another Fulani braid. So, to protect your hair you need to use the best hair products

Bottom Line: Most people won’t try the Fulani braids as they think it will take a lot of time, but it doesn’t require too much time. Once you are done with the braids, you have to wait for one week so that the braids will become adjusted and loosen. If you are tired of hairstyles, the Fulani braid is the one that you should try.

12 Beautiful Fulani Braids hairstyles that will make you Unique (13)

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12 Beautiful Fulani Braids hairstyles that will make you Unique (2024)


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