14 Popular Jollibee Menu Items, Ranked From Worst To Best - Mashed (2024)


14 Popular Jollibee Menu Items, Ranked From Worst To Best - Mashed (1)

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If you've grown bored of typical fast food and it's all starting to taste the same, add excitement to your life by going to Jollibee. If you've never heard of Jollibee, it's a fast food chain that started in the Philippines that has now grown to the point that it has caused Filipino food to become a global phenomenon. While not every menu item is tasty, they have a handful of items that are so scrumptious that the food will change your life for the better.

The history of Jollibee dates back to the 1970s when the first location was open in the city of Manila. Today, they have more than 50 locations in the United States. If there's not a Jollibee outlet near you right now, that may soon change because this chain hopes to have 400 North American restaurants by 2024.

If you order the right items and avoid their subpar options, Jollibee could quickly become your fast food destination of choice. In this ranking, we list their menu items in order from worst to first. While you may be able to find items that aren't on this list, we've made sure to include all of Jollibee's most popular foods.

14. Chicken Tenders

While Jollibee has a wide array of food on their menu, this chain is primarily known for their fast food chicken. With that in mind, you may decide to order the chicken tenders so that you can get your hands on their famous chicken in a form that is easy to eat on the run. Though that sounds logical in theory, it's a terrible idea in reality.

First of all, Jollibee's chicken tenders are so greasy and produce so many crumbs that they aren't actually something you want to eat when you're on the move. Doing so would inevitably cause a mess. Secondly, these tenders have a texture that's so unappetizing that you'll be tempted to quit eating your meal in the middle of it. The texture of the breading is not only too chalky, it has hard pieces mixed in that ensures that you won't get any joy from these tenders. Skip this menu item because you literally can't find anything worse at Jollibee.

13. Yumburger

If you order a Yumburger, it won't take you long to realize that you've made a mistake. When you first lay your eyes on it, its lack of size will cause your heart to sink. If you want something that will fill you up and allow you to power through the rest of your day, this burger isn't it.

Once you bite into a Yumburger, you'll forget all about its puny size. That's because the burger's off-putting taste will take center stage. While the bun is fine, the beef's strong flavor will make you cringe. It tastes like way too much pepper, salt, and onion powder was added to the meat. In fact, the flavor of the beef is completely lost in the mix. The Yumburger also comes topped with a sweet mayonnaise that's okay-ish— but it still can't mask the overbearing amount of seasoning.

The Cheesy Yumburger is a slight step up. While adding a slice of cheese makes the burger a little bit better, it's still not something you should order at Jollibee because you can do so much better.

12. Mashed Potatoes

At Mashed, it's safe to say that we know a thing or two about fast food mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, it's just not possible to recommend Jollibee's mashed potatoes. If you love the mashed potatoes you can find at KFC, don't make the error of thinking Jollibee's take is comparable. The Colonel's version is legitimately one of KFC's best menu items, while this Jollibee offering is entirely forgettable.

Though the potatoes are mashed thoroughly at Jollibee, they're lacking in creaminess and savoriness. To make matters worse, the gravy is yawn-inducing. The best gravy catches your attention from the moment it hits your tongue and elevates the mashed potatoes to a higher level. Sadly, Jollibee's barely makes an impact. It has an acceptable amount of flavor but not enough to truly captivate you.

This fast food chain has much better sides. Just because you may order mashed potatoes with your KFC order, don't automatically do the same at Jollibee.

11. Original Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich wars have been raging in the fast food world since around 2019. It seems like since then, every fast food chain has dabbled in the art of placing a piece of fried chicken between a bun. Not to be outdone, Jollibee now sells something that they call their Original Chicken Sandwich. This thing isn't the worst chicken sandwich you'll ever eat but you surely won't order it more than once.

The sandwich includes a yummy brioche bun and the juiciness of the chicken breast can't be denied. Tragically, you'll be let down by the blandness of the breading. The crispy coating doesn't taste bad, mind you, the problem is that it doesn't taste like much of anything.

It comes topped with umami mayonnaise but, despite the delicious sounding name, the spread is nothing to write home about. It's a decent condiment but it doesn't add enough pizzazz to make this chicken sandwich worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

10. French Fries

Although Jollibee's french fries aren't the best fast food fries you can get through a drive-thru window, they're the best potato-powered side you can find at this eatery. Compared to the mashed potatoes, they're a massive step in the right direction.

Jollibee's fries are reliably crispy on the outside. If you hate fast food fries that are soggy, you'll be happy to learn that's not an issue here. On the inside, the fries are soft and flavorful. Furthermore, both the greasiness and the saltiness levels are manageable.

The only problem with the fries at Jollibee is that you'll get tired of them quickly unless you have a dipping sauce. For that reason, be sure you get a lot of packets of ketchup so that each fry gets at least a little dollop of sauce on it. Doing that will keep your taste buds wholly entertained while you chow down on this Jollibee menu item.

9. Burger Steak

Jollibee's burger steak isn't something that would ever be found at a classy, upscale national steakhouse chain. In actuality, it's more like something that you'd find at a school cafeteria. That said, if you can ignore how crude and unsophisticated this menu item appears to be, you'll find that it's not a total waste of money.

The burger steak at Jollibee consists of beef patties that you'd find on their aforementioned Yumburger put on a plate and then covered with a generous amount of gravy. The good news is that this isn't the same ho-hum gravy found on their mashed potatoes. Instead, it's a mushroom gravy with actual mushrooms in it, and the combo pops with flavor.

If you're trying to impress a date, don't order the burger steak because it looks like something you should be eating with a plastic spork while wearing a bib. But if you're hungry and need something to fill you up fast, you could do a lot worse.

8. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The previously mentioned Original Chicken Sandwich should be avoided due to breading on the chicken breast that is so boring that it may put you to sleep. That problem is solved if you order their Spicy Chicken Sandwich. By adding some heat, Jollibee successfully improves the breading from zero to hero.

The only issue is that it may actually be too hot to handle for those individuals cursed with a delicate palate. If you struggle to deal with spicy foods, this sandwich won't be for you. Not only is the breading loaded with spiciness, there are also sliced jalapenos aboard this ship and a slathering of sriracha mayonnaise. Even if you love spicy food, being ready with a tall glass of milk at your side wouldn't be a bad idea.

If you want a chicken sandwich from Jollibee and you're in doubt, go spicy. It's unquestionably the better option, even if it may cause the roof of your mouth to catch on fire.

7. Jolly Spaghetti

The Jolly Spaghetti at Jollibee will either be something you hate or something you love. There is no middle ground when it comes to this menu item. Within a few bites, you'll fully know whether you're in the former group or the latter group.

Before you order this meal, be aware that this isn't like any spaghetti dish that you'd find at an Italian chain restaurant. The noodles are somewhat similar but everything else is completely different. Firstly, the sauce is actually really, really sweet. Second of all, there are no classic meatballs to be found. In their place, Jolly Spaghetti features ham chunks, ground meat, and hot dog pieces. Yes, slices of hot dogs will be in your spaghetti.

Before you judge Jollibee's Jolly Spaghetti too harshly, you should give it an honest try. It may sound like an odd concoction, but there's a chance that you will fall in love with this menu item. If that happens, you'll struggle to order anything else ever again from this place.

6. Pineapple Quencher

If you adore sweets, you will fall head over heels for Jollibee's Pineapple Quencher. This drink is so utterly dominant that your best bet is to enjoy it as a dessert. If you try to drink it while eating your meal, it will totally overshadow your food. Save it for last and you can savor every last drop without fear of it interfering with your meal.

Pineapple Quencher tastes like pineapple syrup mixed with a few extra spoonfuls of sugar. It's spectacularly sweet but there's also enough bite from the pineapple flavor to make sure your taste buds don't get overwhelmed. Within seconds, you'll be ready for your next mouthful.

If your sweet tooth seems to be insatiable and never stops complaining about being deprived of sugar, drive to the nearest Jollibee and order the Pineapple Quencher. All it will take is one sip and you will be in sugary heaven.

5. Adobo Rice

At Jollibee, there is one side that reigns supreme: adobo rice. This stuff is amazing. If you know anything about food in the Philippines, you know how that country has mastered adobo seasoning. Typically a mix of vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, and soy sauce, Filipino adobo seasoning makes everything better— and this rice is no different. The vinegary and garlicky goodness will mesmerize you instantaneously.

To kick things up a notch, Jollibee's adobo rice also has tiny bits of pork in it. The added meat makes every bite explode with flavor. Don't be shocked if this rice ends up being your favorite part of visiting this fast food chain. No matter the main course you order from Jollibee, you should pair it with a side of adobo rice.

Jollibee also serves regular, plain-Jane steamed rice that is whiter than snow. Unless you enjoy leading a boring life, there's no reason to pick the dull Steamed Rice over their masterful adobo rice.

4. Aloha Yumburger

The normal Yumburger is a miniscule burger that's unpleasant to eat. The Aloha Yumburger, on the other hand, is a superstar. It's big, exciting, and overflowing with flavor. Once you upgrade to this version, you'll never go back to the original.

The Aloha Yumburger begins with two beef patties, a slice of cheese, and some crisp lettuce inside of a bun. To start the party and turn the festivities into a full-blown luau, slices of bacon are added along with a pineapple ring and a honey mustard-like sauce that Jollibee calls Aloha Dressing. This sandwich is piled high with ingredients but it all works in perfect harmony. In the world of fast food, it's rare to find something that so perfectly blends sweetness, savoriness, tartness, and saltiness.

By the time you're done eating your Aloha Yumburger, you'll be filled to the top and you'll have a smile on your face that extends from ear to ear.

3. Palabok Fiesta

Quite possibly the most intimidating menu item at Jollibee, Palabok Fiesta is a dish that will reward any customer who decides to order it. It sounds complicated and it may look intimidating to consumers of traditional American fast food fare, but it's so worth it.

The foundation of Palabok Fiesta is a bed of rice noodles that are cooked to perfection. On top of the noodles, Jollibee puts sautéed pork, a couple slices of a boiled egg, and a handful of shrimp. To top things off, a scrumptious garlic sauce is poured over everything.

While many menu items at Jollibee aren't exactly authentic, Palabok Fiesta is about as close to real deal Filipino food as you can find at a U.S. fast food restaurant. Shrimp and boiled eggs might not sound like a promising marriage but this dish is so delectable that you'll be sure to eat every last morsel.

2. Peach Mango Pie

The peach mango pie at Jollibee richly deserves its legendary status. It's not only the best dessert at Jollibee, it's the best fast food pie in existence and the second best fast food dessert in all the land. If you're a fan of the McDonald's apple pie, this version is so much better.

As the name suggests, peaches and mangos play a starring role in this delicious sweet treat. An equal amount of peach chunks and mango chunks will thrill your taste buds with each and every bite. However, the greatness of this pie isn't simply due to the fruit. The exquisite crust is also mind-blowingly fantastic. In fact, you will find it difficult to pick whether you enjoy the peaches, mangos, or crust the best.

If you go to Jollibee and don't come away with a peach mango pie, your visit should be deemed a failure. It's really that simple.

1. Chickenjoy

The pride and joy of Jollibee's menu is without a doubt the Chickenjoy. If your idea of quality fast food fried chicken is what you can get at a place like KFC, be prepared for your world to be turned upside down. This chicken is so tasty that it's not only the best thing at Jollibee, it's one of the best food items you can find at any restaurant.

Two aspects of the Chickenjoy cause it to stand out from the competition. First, the crispiness will wow you. By comparison, all other fried chicken will look and feel mushy. Second, and most important, the juiciness of the chicken is otherworldly. It almost doesn't even make sense. How can fried chicken be so juicy and so flavorful? Why isn't all fried chicken made this way? Those are questions that you'll be asking yourself the first time you try this masterpiece of a menu item at Jollibee.

14 Popular Jollibee Menu Items, Ranked From Worst To Best - Mashed (2024)


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