22 Stunning Nails with Initials that are Trendy. - BLOOMSider (2024)

Many times, nails with initials are one of the best ways to personalize nail art and manicure generally. Initials could be anything, from letters with meaning to dates, symbols and even names. Here are over 20 of some of our favorite initials on nail designs from Instagram that you can replicate.

1. Clear-white coffin nails with designer initials

One of the most common initials you can use to spice up your nail art is designer names. Slap on your favorite luxury initials like this matte clear-white coffin nail imprinted with various designer brands and chunky glitters. You can decide to rep just one of your favorite designer names or logo.

2. Natural nails with initials

Although some people are fans of natural nails, they can often come off as too basic and, eventually dull. One way to spice up your bare nails without sacrificing their simplicity is to use initials and fierce colors.

3. French Tips with gold initials

Ditch the traditional style and upgrade your French tip game. This coffin-shaped nude acrylics with gold and nude-brown tips is an excellent inspiration as the look is elevated beyond a French tip. Take it a step further by inscribing a golden initial on this elegant French tip nail.

4. Initial Nails With little flowers

This next style is a milky-peach short nail with a Japanese flower theme. Although the Japanese flower looks great on the nails, the initials at the edge of the ring finger coupled with tiny specs of glitter on the small nail take the beauty to another level.

5. Almond shape with word-initial

We can all agree that the almond shape is one of the most flattering nail shapes. So, why not rock this universally flattering nail shape with an expression of yourself? This almond-shaped nail of medium length and a word-initial is the perfect fit. You can decide to go beyond the regular „one letter initial“ or add some extra, just like this one.

6. Cum White with butterfly design

If you’re going for a basic look with just a slight edge, this is perfect for you. Here we have short square-shaped cum white nails with a single initial on the ring finger. The ring finger on the other hand instead comes with an orange butterfly on a pink flower. Basic, yet a classy form of nails with initials.

7.Fall-inspired initials

Simplicity and elegance define this fall-inspired blue coffin-shaped nail combination with letter-inscribed initials.

8. Xoxo design

This next design is for the daring „baddies“ who want a little extra for the initials on their nails. Nothing says badass like an assortment of different long edgy nail designs with a „xoxo“ initial on the smallest nail.

9. Rhinestone-dubbed initials

Rhinestones are perhaps one of the most popular nail art materials, and this is due to their versatility. This versatility extends to their creative genius when merged with nail initials. Yes, you can dub your initials with rhinestones to make them more glaring. The initials are even more amplified when you use colorful rhinestones.

10. Purple marble nail with initial

Next up, we have these purple marble nails worn for every occasion. The medium size initial in the middle finger is just right for this style, further boosting the outfit flexibility of this nail.

11. French tip nail with red glitter initials

You really can’t go wrong with French tips. Try out this stiletto french tip style with red glitter kisses and an initial of your choice also spelled out in glitter red.

12. Blue Melty initials

Looking for a stylish way to write out your initials? This next nail design not only has the appeal you crave, but it’s also unique and can stand out from a mile. Drawn like melting blue lava, the blue initials lay on long square-shaped cum white nails. The design has just two initials in the middle fingers of the right hand. The rest of the nails are then, bare except for the middle fingers of the left-hand counterpart, which have a similar melting lava design.

13. Glow in the dark striped french tips

Are you looking for nails that are rave-appropriate? Or maybe glow-in-the-dark nails are your thing, then next on this list will suit you. Go for this french tip with glow-in-the-dark initials, this way, your initials are always evident.

14. Holographic themes

Holographic designs might be relatively new compared to others. But they have shown how creative they can get, so why won’t we love them when they have meaningful letters attached to them? This clear French tip nail with an iridescent holographic design and a letter inscribed in its middle is worth a try.

15. Pink Glitter-Frenchies with initials

If you are a fan of pink and a fan of glitters, then these pink Glitter-Frenchies are a cool way to have your cake and eat it too. Snatch up your fingers with these nude nails with pink glitter French tips. To add more spice, the ring fingers on both hands have heart designs instead of French tips and one of them carries the initial.

16. Bold initials

Feel bodacious in these long french tip nails with bold rhinestones of the names of your loved ones. For this style, the rhinestones are not placed individually to spell out the word, but instead, they are already-made stamp-on.

17.Initials hanging by the side

If you want extra pizzazz for your initials, place relics by the edge of your nails. This might be a little difficult to do yourself, so it is best to consult an experienced nail tech.

18. Stick-it flower design

The floral design never goes out of style; it only gets better. Opt for this floral theme that has initials amidst a variety of nails with big stick-on flowers, holographic rhinestones, butterflies, and foil.

19. Christmas themed initials

Get your Christmas spirit on with these stylish and festive medium-sized nails with a mixture of square nails, French tips, red glitter, and red crystals. You can decide to just play around with the designs while adding your Christmas-themed initials.

20. Abstract nails

This next one is very distinct from the rest. It’s for people who want to go a great mile to get unique initials on their nails; initials unlike any other. Abstract initials might be intricate, but it’s pretty easy to pull off. You can achieve this by unsystematically writing inscriptions on your nail. Alternatively, writing letters in an unclear way on a holographic nail, so the initials appear abstract.

21. Colored mini with hearts

If you’re one for creativity and arts, even for natural nails, then this is right up your alley. Like this handmade design below, write colorful initials on your white gel nails. Then, throw on some cute colorful mini hearts to go with the initials. This nail is suitable for any length, but we especially love it at natural nails length.

22. Blue French tip

What better way to feel classy than with a blue french tip? This baby blue v-cut french tip is excellent for vacations. Just swap out the black initial on the ring finger for something personalized, and you’re good to go. Although this design looks great at this length, another way to rock this nail is by going slightly longer.

22 Stunning Nails with Initials that are Trendy. - BLOOMSider (2024)


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