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Stanley is excited to show of his hairdo on crazy hair day, only to discover that today is actually school picture day. The arc of the story is one many children will be able to easily relate to, as Stanley excitedly gets his hair ready, discovers his mistake, and flees to the bathroom to hide out

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in his embarrassment. A friend convinces him to return to class by making Stanley realize that the class picture will not be complete without him. He arrives to find that everyone else, including the teacher, has made their own hair ridiculous as well, which may delight readers, but left a bit of incredulity in my mouth. A repeated phrase helps the book work well as a read-along. The images are full of bright, primary colors most of the time, with the bathroom's spare color scheme enhancing the outcast feeling. The appearance of all the characters is a little strange, as they all have rather large, oddly-shaped heads. Young children will enjoy the comedy in this story, but some may just find the end too unbelievable.

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This is a cute story about a boy who goes to school dressed for crazy hair day when it is actually picture day. His class makes him feel better by all messing up their hair for the picture.

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A story about a boy named Stanley who goes to school dressed for crazy hair day a week early. Its actually class picture day. Stanley's classmates tease him at first, but then his best friend apologizes and brings him back to class where he's greeted by all of his classmates with crazy things on

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their head for the class picture.

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Crazy Hair Day is a book about Stanley a school age student that gets his dates mixed up and thinks it is crazy hair day and not school picture day. As he arrives at school, he overhears the teacher giving the announcement about crazy hair day being next week and realizes his mistake. He spends

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most of his day hiding out in the bathroom because of his embarrassment. After many attempts of his friend trying to coax him out of the bathroom, his friend tells him that class pictures wouldn’t be the same without him. When Stanley finally comes out of the bathroom, he is embraced with all of his fellow classmates wearing their hair in crazy styles. This book shows through embarrassing moments friends should stick together and ease the pain of embarrassment.

I can relate with this book because my daughter does not like to draw any attention to her if it is going to embarrass her whatsoever. I’m always apologizing to her not realizing that I am embarrassing her by mistake. This would be a great book for those that get embarrassed easily and for those that make fun of people when they get embarrassed. It can be used to teach children to not make fun, but to be nice to people when they make a mistake.

In the classroom, a teacher can pull this book out when a kid is making fun of another student for making a mistake or that gets embarrassed by something. When reading the book, show the students the extremes people will go through when they are embarrassed (such as hiding in the bathroom). Then show them how good it feels when students help make other students feel comfortable in embarrassing situations.

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LibraryThing member yd782615

This book was about a little boy who loved to dress up for the different events going on at school. Well one day he got up thinking it was crazy hair day at school and found out when he got there that it wasn't. He had his mother to help do the craziest hair style ever, but he became very embrassed

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when he finds out that he is the only one wearing it that day and to make it bad, it was picture day. At the end everyone made him feel welcome by dressing up for picture day like him so he wouldn't look so bad.

I think that this book can relate to everyone, because I know that there has been a day that we have got out of bed and thought that it was the day that something was going to happen. I know for me I have thought that I was suppose to be somewhere and I wasn't.

I think that this is a cute book to read to the children when they are feeling like they are having a bad day.

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LibraryThing member Jpeshke

This is a great book to share with students about support one another. When a boy comes to school with crazy hair on picture day by mistake, his classmates laugh at him. But over the book they come around and support his crazy hair. This book deals with friendship, support and feeling embarrassed.

LibraryThing member kidlit9

Stanley is excited about Crazy Hair Day at this school, until he discovers that he has gotten the date wrong.

LibraryThing member A.Smith

I enjoyed reading this book. I think it is cute how Stanley thinks it is crazy hair day at school but it is really picture day. This is a cute book to reading to students right before picture day. I can also relate to this book because there have been many of times where I have gotten school events

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mixed up!!

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LibraryThing member sondrabrush1969

This is about a little boy who is very excited, he has worked very hard to make his hair perfect, he was ready for crazy hair day at school. But when he arrived and marches in his classroom he realizes that crazy hair day is the following week and to make it worse it is picture day at his school.

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What is he to do? At first he was made fun of but then the children decided to help Stanley to feel better about the situation so the other children decided to make their hair just as crazy as Stanley's and they would all have a school picture to remember.

I like this book, everyone can make a mistake even adults. But in the end the children made a bad situation into a memorable one.

We could have crazy hair day at school. We could talk about the things we could do to our hair to make it different. The colors we could put in our hair and about not making fun of people when they make a mistake because we all make them.

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LibraryThing member ccbell

Stanley was very excited about his school's crazy hair day. So Stanley's mother makes his hair as crazy as possible by making it crazy colors. Stanley is sure that today will be a great day that he will never forget. When Stanley walks into class all eyes are on him, Stanley finds out that crazy

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hair day was next Friday and today was school picture day. Stanley is so upset he runs to the restroom where he stays most of the day. With the help of his classmates Stanley finally decides to take the class picture and when he does he discovers all his classmates with crazy objects in their hair. The message in this story is that it is okay to be different and that your friends will accept you for who you are.

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LibraryThing member ashoemak

When Stanley comes to school on the wrong day with crazy hair his friends try to make him feel better. Another wonderful story to encourage making predictions.

LibraryThing member aclemen1

When in doubt, a class sticks together. Stanley thought it was crazy hair this friday, but when he gets to school he realizes it is next friday. The class laughs at him at first, and he gets embarrased and runs to hide in the bath room. One of his friends come to get him, and tells him the class

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wants him in the pictire and assures him that noone will make fun of him, and everything will be fine. By the time he came back to class, the entire class was ready for picture day, and to make sure he didnt stick out they all put something crazy on thier heads. This is a great way to remind kids to work together!

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This is a story about a little boy who goes to school all ready for crazy hair day and realizes that it is actually picture day. This is a great story to shows kids that instead of teasing, you should support eachother and work together. This shows kids how to laugh with someone and not at someone.

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Really cute book about a little boy that shows up to school on class picture day thinking it was crazy hair day. He's embarrassed at first, but gains friendship. Would maybe read to a class around picture day to make them laugh and learn about friendship and togetherness!

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I really enjoyed this book for a few reasons! The first, and main, reason is for its message! This book's message is that no matter what, every child should make sure all others feel loved, secure, and welcome at all times. I also really loved the illustrations in this book. They truly showed every

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detail of the written text to enhance to book itself. In this book, Stanley mixes up Crazy Hair Day and School Picture Day. He comes to school with super crazy hair only to realize no one else has any crazy hair! He hides in the bathroom for most of the day until his best friend convinces him to come take the class picture. He walks into class to feel surprised and very grateful that everyone in the class made themselves have crazy hair too so Stanley wouldn't feel left out! This character was truly easy to relate to, and I'm sure many children can relate too!

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Stanley Birdbaum rolled and wrapped and dyed his hair. He dipped it and sprayed it and made it perfect for crazy hair day. But when he gets to school he discovers that this is School Picture Day!. His classmates' reactions of both teasing and support make this a good read-aloud to be following with

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discussion about teasing.

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