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Dingbats Between the lines Answers All Levels [Complete In One Page] » Puzzle Game Master (1)

Dingbats answers Read Between the lines answers to each and every level with detailed answers in one place, Just scroll below to find all the answers.

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This is an Android puzzle game with lots of mind-scratching word puzzles that you would love playing with. Most of the puzzles need help as this game is very hard. A lot of the puzzles are based on British sayings so it might be more challenging and difficult if you are not British. so I will help you in solving all the puzzles.

Note: Answers Updated in April 2021, Keep Visiting puzzlegamemaster.com to support my hard work. Level 22 & 23 Added!!

(It’s a huge game that consists of 1000’s levels, But if you find any answer wrong, then please let me know the level number or give the answer in the comments, I will Correct it as soon as possible)

Between The Lines Level 1 Answers :

  1. Long Time No See
  2. Leave No Stone Unturned
  3. All For One And One For All
  4. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
  5. Broken promise
  6. Forgive And Forget
  7. Lone Wolf
  8. Pie In The Sky
  9. In The Middle Of Nowhere
  10. A Drop In The Ocean
  11. Bury Your Head In The Sand
  12. Have Eyes Bigger Than One’s Stomach
  13. When in Rome do as the Romans do
  14. Every Dog Has Its Day
  15. Fork In The Road
  16. Kiss And Make Up
  17. Search High And Low
  18. Different Strokes for Different Folks
  19. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
  20. Standing Ovation
  21. A Cut Above The Rest
  22. A Spell Of Bas Weather

Between The Lines Level 2 Answers

  1. Read Between The Lines
  2. Put It In Writing
  3. Do Not Change A Winning Team
  4. Life Begins At Forty
  5. Just In Time
  6. Color Inside the line
  7. Bottomless Pit
  8. One Foot In The Grave
  9. A Storm In A Teacup
  10. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
  11. One Step Forward Two Steps Back
  12. In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
  13. Mixed Feelings
  14. Altar Boy
  15. Thinking Outside The Box
  16. All Roads Lead To Rome
  17. Arm In Arm
  18. Tongue In Cheek
  19. Play On Words
  20. Middle Age Spread
  21. Going In Circles

Between The Lines Level 3 Answers

  1. Eleventh Hour
  2. Break A Leg!
  3. An Eye For An Eye
  4. Have The Last Word
  5. Beat Around The Bush
  6. Put Two And Two Together
  7. Back-Seat Driver
  8. Within Reason
  9. Under False Pretenses
  10. Love is Blind
  11. Take From The Rich And Give To The Poor
  12. Cannot See The Wood For The Trees
  13. The Thin End Of The Wedge
  14. Dash Someone’s Hopes
  15. A Bee In Your Bonnet
  16. Cry All The Way To The Bank
  17. The Best Is Yet To Come
  18. Cut Corners
  19. Odds-On Favourite
  20. Have Two Left Feet
  21. Safety In Numbers

Between The Lines Level 4 Answers

  1. Fed Up To The Back Teeth
  2. Role Reversal
  3. Short End Of The Stick
  4. Shrinking Violet
  5. Calculated Risk
  6. Turn A Blind Eye
  7. Monkey On Your Back
  8. Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
  9. Cross Fingers
  10. Honour Among Thieves
  11. An Outside Chance
  12. What Goes Up Must Come Down
  13. Two Peas In A Pod
  14. Have Eyes In The Back Of Head
  15. Pain In The Neck
  16. Once In A Lifetime
  17. Go Up In Smoke
  18. Big Fish In A Small Pond
  19. Six Feet Underground
  20. Broken Heart
  21. The Drinks Are On The House

Between The Lines Level 5 Answers

  1. Back To Square One
  2. Head In The Clouds
  3. Hole In One
  4. Wet Behind The Ears
  5. Woman’s Intuition
  6. As Bold As Brass
  7. History Repeats Itself
  8. Act Out Of Character
  9. Bits And Bobs
  10. Ants In Pants
  11. Family Tree
  12. A Snake In The Grass
  13. It’s The Thought That Counts
  14. Unfinished Business
  15. Water Under The Bridge
  16. Rule of Thumb
  17. First Among Equals
  18. To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question
  19. Wise After The Event
  20. Day In Day Out
  21. To Have Stars In One’s Eyes

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Comment below if any of the answers are incorrect I will try to correct them as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting. You can thank me in the comment section.

Dingbats Between the lines Answers All Levels [Complete In One Page] » Puzzle Game Master (2024)


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