Here's Why Some Fans Think Blue Ivy Isn't Jay-Z's First Daughter (2024)

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fans were delighted with the news of the singer’s pregnancy reveal at the 2011 Video Music Awards — and in January 2012, Bey gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter.

Though the world was made to believe that this was Jay-Z’s firstborn (and first daughter), La’Teasha Macer from Maryland later come forward claiming that she was the secret “love child” of the music mogul, who had allegedly shared a relationship with her mother Lisa in the late ‘80s.

While Macer says she’s made several attempts in trying to get in contact with her supposed biological father, Jay-Z has made very little effort in getting to know the 28-year-old, who fans believe shares a striking resemblance to the rapper. Here’s the lowdown…

Jay-Z’s ‘Secret Daughter’

According to Bossip, Jay and Macer’s mother, Lisa, shared a romance in the late ‘80s and by 1990, the latter had given birth to a baby girl.

From what the publication gathered, the “Hard Knock Life” star wasn’t in a committed relationship with Lisa, nor did he probably know that he allegedly had a baby on the way.

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But when Lisa made attempts to get in contact with Jay through his Roc-A-Fella company, staffers laughed off her claims, saying they are not entertaining her shenanigans.

Lisa’s sister, as cited via Cheat Sheet, posted a lengthy message on Facebook detailing her experience being around the father of three, who she had introduced to her sibling.

“I know the STORY FROM start too finish, I hooked your Mother&father up YEARS ago,” she wrote. “Jay ask me who she was when I lived on 500 side Greenwood Ave! We chilled in that Apartment so many times, we laughed, drank, smoked, played card and some more Sh*t… Lisa and I have talked about this for YEARS!” wrote Macer’s aunt.

“Sh*tI remember when Lisa came too my house on Bradley Ave in Cambridge MD and WE Lisa & I CALLED ROCK A FELLA and we was trying too contact Jay too tell him about Teasha and the Exact words from the MAN was ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN CALL HERE DAILY & and say Jay-Z they baby Daddy!!!’”

She concluded, “MY HAND TOO GOD…so as Gloria Jean Turner would say what’s done in the dark will come too LIGHT ONE DAY!!!!! this is them DAYS..”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the world was told Jay had a love child that he apparently hasn’t acknowledged.

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A few years back, a man named Rymir Satterthwaite asserted that the “Empire State Of Mind” chart-topper was his dad. His mother had given multiple interviews recalling her time with Hova, who she shared a fling with back in 1992, which resulted in her pregnancy shortly after, The Sun wrote.

In response, Jay-Z not only denied being the man’s father but also refused to take a DNA test. He then addressed the rumor on the song “Heard About Us,” lifted from his 2018 joint album with Beyonce, Everything Is Love.

On the track, he raps, “Billie Jean in his prime…For the thousandth time, the kid ain’t mine.”

Satterthwaite, an aspiring rapper, went on to release a rap song of his own soon after, titled “Big Pimpin’” where he took aim at his alleged father for not only failing to take the DNA test but apparently also getting him blackballed in the music industry.

“Wash up still doing tracks, like 55 where you at, need to go back to your old days, grown man in his old ways,” he raps.

Jay never responded to the track.

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The kids that Hova has acknowledged are those he shares with Beyonce; Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sir, who were born in June 2017.

Jay-Z has always tried to keep his private life out of the limelight, but stories pertaining his past affairs and alleged offsprings certainly haven’t gone unnoticed — if anything, these stories just keep on growing.

Whether or not there’s any truth in Jay being either one of these children’s father can not be determined as he hasn’t taken a DNA test, nor does he plan on taking one, which begs the question of how he would know he’s not the father if he won’t get tested.

Whatever his reasons are for not wanting to clear his name and simply taking a DNA test, if you’ve been following Jay-Z’s career over the years, you will have definitely heard about the alleged secret children he has outside of those with Beyonce.

But perhaps we will never actually know whether those children are really his or not.

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Here's Why Some Fans Think Blue Ivy Isn't Jay-Z's First Daughter (2024)


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