Meserve Dalton point, arrowheads, artifacts (2024)

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You are bidding on a fine Meserve Dalton point measuring 2 1/4 " long with great color and wonderful symmetry from my large arrowhead collection. What a fine specimen this one is with just few dings on it that will certainly make a nice centerpiece! I also offer a 15 day RETURN POLICY for any reason whatsoever! Buyer to pay 5.50 PRIORITY SHIPPING , and yes I will combine shipping charges on all of my items. Check out my other items to see a few more nice points for sale this week!!!!! Message I received from ebay..... . Dear stangn26,You recently listed the following listing:200122041629 - FLUTED CLOVIS BLADE, ARROWHEADS INDIAN ARTIFACTSThe listing was removed because it violated the eBay Artifacts policy. Listings of artifacts, grave-related items, and Native American crafts that are protected under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act are not permitted on eBay. Listings of cave formations that are protected by the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988 are also not permitted. HELLO EVERYONE, I AM SELLING THIS FABULOUS PIECE AS A REPRODUCTION SO THAT IT WILL NOT BE CONFUSED WITH BEING A........GRAVE GOOD?????? THIS IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS OF COURSE BUT A SUPPOSED GROUP OF EXPERTS WHOSE ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO HAVE ALL OF THE ARROWHEAD SALES ON EBAY TOTALLY TO THEMSELVES CONTINOUSLY REPORTS MY AUCTIONS AS GRAVE GOODS SO THAT THEY WILL BE REMOVED. THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!! read more

Meserve Dalton point, arrowheads, artifacts (6)

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Meserve Dalton point, arrowheads, artifacts (2024)


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