The 15 Best Places with a Prix Fixe Menu in Amsterdam (2024)

1.Restaurant Bussia


Reestraat 28-32, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Italian Restaurant · Grachtengordel-West · 44 tips and reviews

Marijke Hulstede:We had the tasting menu, everything was right, from the friendly service, the interesting answers to all our questions, to the wonderful food and wine.

Nukte Gonenc:Perfect tasting menu with very good fitting wine tasting. The service is great too. A must go!

Bellie:Intimate dining, I wouldn't go with a party bigger than five. Great wine, have the tasting menu with risotto and pesce.

2.EN Japanese Kitchen @ Sake Bar


Dusartstraat 53, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Japanese Restaurant · Nieuwe Pijp · 20 tips and reviews

tigz de palma:it's sushi in amsterdam, so given that, i would return. the sushi is fresh & tasty. but the best is the warm dishes on the chef's tasting menu. the chef's menu changes monthly. go, & do the 7 course.

Michiel Janssen:Great tasting menu and be sure to take the sake tasting with it

Jerome Ibanez:If you have the budget, go for the set menu.

3.Café Modern


Meidoornweg 2, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Restaurant · Stadsdeel Noord · 38 tips and reviews

Jerry Kong A Sam:I really like this place. The food is good and service is with a smile. They offer a fixed menu that changes daily. If you are there. Go downstairs to the toilet and find the safe.

Sarah Trott:The duck breast and beets on the set menu was my favorite part of the meal. It's in the north part of Amsterdam but worth the uber ride.

Cameron Ketcham:A delicious prix fixe dinner that changes once a week. Service is amazing. I'd recommend eating here for dinner if you can!

Sage:Delicious tasting menus, great selection of interesting wines. We had such a great night here.

JS Kim:Tasting menu was on point. We started off with fresh local oysters, followed by pan-fried brill and some Iberico pork dish. Both cooked to perfection, tender and juicy..

Déborah Rippol:Delicious restaurant. A little bit in the pricey side (main course over 27€ and tasting menu from 55€) but well worth it for the quality of food and service!

5.De Kas


Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

French Restaurant · Stadsdeel Oost · 123 tips and reviews

Ty J:Set menu is the best way to go. Best to go on a sunny day.

C Hsieh:Set menu, a bit bland the evening that I went. But you leave full, and with good food. Open your wallet!

Thijs Niks:The food is a healthy and organic 3 course fixed menu, prepared meticulously and presented with lots of attention to detail by the attentive service.



De Ruijterkade 128, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Restaurant · Kuip · 53 tips and reviews

Guðrún Sóley Gestdòttir:Try the set menu, it's an amazing adventure.

hunter philbrick:Go for the 4 course prix fixe

Torry Pedersen:Popular spot with reasonably priced tasting menus of high quality. A way to go for the wine-pairing.

7.The Pantry


Leidsekruisstraat 21HS, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Dutch Restaurant · Kuip · 141 tips and reviews

a kubik:Delicious hearty food! Set menu 1 & 2 are great!

Vanessa Quek:Real Dutch food. Set menu 2 is so authentic!

Don Sedrick See:Got the set menu 1, everything was perfect from the Pea Soup to the main and the dessert!



Overtoom 68HS, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Indonesian Restaurant · Helmersbuurt · 93 tips and reviews

Varun:Authentic Indonesian food with a fantastic tasting menu. Owner and waiters were super nice and quick to seat us.

Asmo Halinen:Vegetarian set menu for two (18 eur/pp) was excellent!

Ahmed:Real Indonesian food. Set menu with 20. It's a must to try



IJdok 185, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Restaurant · Haarlemmerbuurt · 15 tips and reviews

Gary Survis:Marvelous inventive food. Tasting menu superb...but you will certainly leave full.

Antoine Costello:Loved the tasting menu & the view

L. Q.:Great environment. Amazing food with non-pretentious staff :). Highly recommend the 6-course degustation menu. Every course was a pleasant surprise.

10.Balthazar's Keuken


Elandsgracht 108HS, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

French Restaurant · Jordaan · 28 tips and reviews

Mike Graves:Weekly changing set menu. The food is the first priority here, so it's a good pick for foodie-types in Amsterdam. Make a reservation.

Oscar Cowling:Tasting menu of the day

Taylor Marsh:wine, chef tasting menu

11.Incanto Restaurant


Amstel 2 (Muntplein), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Italian Restaurant · Grachtengordel-Zuid · 32 tips and reviews

Spotted by Locals - city guides by locals:Try the tasting menu! Read more.

Ugur Savas:Set menu with fish and rock lamp very nice. Small place roınd 25 people.Good wine menu with reasonable prices. Good and kind service. Reservation is needed.

P M:Great food! Enjoy the view over the crowdy streets of Amsterdam!



Noordermarkt 7, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Italian Restaurant · Jordaan · 2 tips and reviews

Jerome Ibanez:Perfect 5 course tasting menu

Caroline Brakel:I love this new restaurant. Nice atmosphere, sweet waiters and a changing menu with original dishes that you wont find somewhere else. Prices are reasonable too. Can’t wait for my next visit.



Herengracht 413, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

French Restaurant · Grachtengordel-West · 12 tips and reviews

Dominic Layco*ck:Great tasting menu with wonderfully complementary wine pairing

Jill Fernandez:tasting menu with the wine pairings was super good!

Joyce Ip:A little gem in Amsterdam. Amazing 5 course meal with optional pairing wines!! And complimentary pearl looking dessert with alcohol Yummm



Singel 498, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Indonesian Restaurant · Grachtengordel-Zuid · 51 tips and reviews

Cristina:such nice people. medium spicy is exactly as they say "not boring, but won't make you uncomfortable" get the set menu if it's your first time you can try a lot!

David R:Casual, but high quality Indonesian food. Recommend getting the first set menu with a group of friends. Beef and goat were my favorites.

Yusri Echman:Real Indonesian cuisines, tasty, nice ambience & friendly staff.



Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Japanese Restaurant · Nieuwe Pijp · 56 tips and reviews

L. Q.:I really enjoyed the concept and had fun trying one of the seasonal tasting menus. Nevertheless, the sushi is still the best thing by far. If I visit again, I will order only that :-)

Kitt Hod:The tasting menu is delicious! Recommended.

Mikko E:Excellent sushi prepared by Japanese chefs. Sit at the sushi bar to see your food prepared in front of you and order directly from the chef. One Michelin star since 2002 and lives up to the promise!

The 15 Best Places with a Prix Fixe Menu in Amsterdam (2024)


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